The Things in My Head are Real, To Some Extent

There is nothing more discouraging than staring at a blank page. Oftentimes, my fingers hover over the keyboard and even wiggle with anticipation, like a racehorse at the starting gate. But no words come. Or maybe they do, but they’re words strung together in such a way that is unfit for human eyes. So I press down on the backspace key and try again. And again. And again.

Beginnings are hard. They’re so full of possibility, both good and bad. You’re embarking on a new adventure, creating characters and stories inside your head and making them into something that exists in the real world. But with that adventure comes the crippling fears of failure and being judged. Writers are afraid that others may not actually like the things in their head.

Writing is a deeply personal experience. Writers pour so much of who they are into their work. Books are not just a story; they’re the writer’s thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and personal experiences all wrapped in the guise of a story. Writing a book is like breaking off a piece of your soul and handing it to the world. Unfortunately, the worlds isn’t always kind.

And I think that’s why beginnings are so difficult sometimes. Because that empty page is certainly safer than a completed book. No one will ever judge your book if you keep it inside your head. Which is exactly why you have to write it anyways. Because even if some people hate it, there will always be someone who likes it. Isn’t that one person worth it?


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