Name ALL the Things!

Naming characters is my favorite part of the writing process. I kid you not. I find it incredibly fun. I mean, I’m the person who named her car and all of her electronics. I like naming things. However. I don’t really have a naming “process” that works for me. I’m pretty sure all my characters have gotten their names in different ways.

Sometimes, the character’s name simply drops out of the sky. Most of the time, these names are not even ones I necessarily like, but they happen to fit the characters perfectly. Such was the case with Shannon, Richard, Mia, and Wolfgang.

Other times, I know what letter I want the name to start with, but nothing else. My characters Carter, Sylvie, and Rowan would be examples of this. When I have this issue, I usually spend hours on baby-naming websites.

Or then there’s those times when I’m trying to make the names mean something, or have some kind of significance. I have a fantasy book where there’s an entire family named after flowers. And in one of my dystopian books, the last names of all the characters are the same last names as other dystopian authors, dictators, or other political figures.

And then there’s those characters that are nearly impossible to name. Nothing fits. Nothing seems right. Like my character Lex, who earned his name when I closed my eyes, flipped through a naming book, and pointed. Or the antagonist of my first sci-fi series. I needed to introduce him and hadn’t yet decided on his name. So I called him by a filler name, intending to change it later. He’s been called by his “filler name” for three books now.

So, yeah. My character-naming process is definitely sporadic at best. But it’s always a blast.


One thought on “Name ALL the Things!

  1. Naming characters!….That’s like one of my writing weaknesses…Like if I’m writing a fantasy story I have a terribly hard time naming some of the characters! But it is pretty fun 😀

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