Yes, You Can Read My Book…

…After it’s published.

When I tell people I like to write, the next thing out of their mouths is always, “Can I read your book?!” While it’s quite flattering and encouraging that people are interested in my writing, and will even sometimes let me ramble about it at length, I don’t want them to read it.

Not yet, at least. I obviously want them to read it after it’s published. In fact, I’ll probably be running through the streets, throwing copies at anyone that happens to walk by. But I don’t want anyone to see it in its growing stages, when it’s riddled with typos and places where I accidentally crammed sections of two different sentences together because my brain was too fast for my fingers. I don’t want them to see the plot threads dangling like the hems of jean cutoffs and the characters who are all over the map in their inconsistencies. I especially don’t want anyone to read the scenes which will inevitably be scrapped in the revision process. Some things just aren’t meant for human eyes.

Writing is a process. The first draft of a novel is crap. It is. And I don’t want to show anyone something which I know, objectively, is crap. It needs to be polished. Multiple times. And then, maybe, I’ll have something worth showing people. And yes, you can absolutely read that.


One thought on “Yes, You Can Read My Book…

  1. Haha! That is so like me…my mom keeps asking me “Can I read it??” And I’m like…Noooo way! It’s horrible right now….wait till it’s published! And so….she will have to wait… đŸ˜€

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