Rebel With A Cause

So, if you’ve ever tried to write anything, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of rules. A lot of rules. This shouldn’t necessarily be surprising, as writing is a craft and art form, just like music or painting. The confusing part is how divided the literary community is over all these rules.

Some people will encourage you to implement some technique in your writing, and others will tell you to avoid that same technique at all costs if you ever hope to be published. Trying to follow all the rules will just overwhelm you, and honestly, it will make your writing worse.

Sometimes the rules depend on things like genre. Other times, the rules aren’t as clear-cut. Essentially, you have to decide which rules you’re going to follow. It’s sounds dubious, but it’s true. Just look at any other art form. True brilliance comes from following the rules enough to demonstrate you have mastery over your craft, but knowing when to toss them aside and let creativity flow.


2 thoughts on “Rebel With A Cause

  1. Very well put. Succinct and clear. I would only slightly amend your sentence about true brilliance – that it comes “when you know the rules so well that you can use those serve function best in your writing and leave the others go as your creativity flows.” I like to say only someone who has assed the grammar test is issued a “poetic license.”.

    Thanks for the post.

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