Ideas Abound

I’m sorry it’s been rather dead around here recently. My school schedule is starting to pick up and I’ve not been able to devote time to posting every day like I was. Hopefully that will change in the very near future. And hopefully this persistent cold will finally flee the premises as well.

However! I’ve had ideas. I spent most of one of my classes the other day free-writing about a story concept I came up with whilst talking to the guy who sits in the desk next to me. I got really excited about this idea, but I don’t want to start working on it until I finish my current project. Not to mention that I know nothing about the story, other than the initial premise.

I’ve also just finished reading a dystopian book, and I got really inspired to work on my dystopian project which has sat, abandoned, for far too long. The book I was reading reignited the passion for an idea I had toyed around with, but lost interest in. Again, I want to wait until I complete my current novel before resuming work on this one.

So we’ll see what happens. More than likely, I’ll probably get so excited about one of these ideas that I’ll just start working on it anyway.


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