Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

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Rating: [5/5]

Summary: Water for Elephants follows Jacob Jankowski, a young man about to take his final exams at Cornell’s vet school. Unfortunately, his parents are killed in a car crash and Jacob flees before he can take the test. He winds up joining the circus, which happens to be in need of a vet. Jacob soon falls in love with Marlena, the lovely and kind performer in charge of the liberty horses. However, Marlena is married to August, Jacob’s volatile and threatening boss. While Marlena and Jacob try to keep their feelings under control, the circus buys a dumb elephant that appears to be nothing but trouble. August tries to train her, but only ends up abusing her out of frustration. Meanwhile, Jacob tries everything he can to help the elephant and the other animals.

Likes: I really enjoyed Water for Elephants. The character development is phenomenal. The protagonists are flawed while still being likable. It’s also really obvious that the author put a tremendous amount of research into this book before writing it. Not to mention that the writing style is fantastic.

Dislikes: The plot wasn’t amazingly compelling, but the characterization was good enough to make up for the books lack of plot.

TL;DR: I would definitely recommend Water for Elephants. However, there are several scenes of a sexual nature and a fair amount of cussing. Just so you know.

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