Adventures in Dogsitting

Now that I am on summer break and currently unemployed, I decided to spend my time watching two dogs for a friend of the family and live in their house while they’re on vacation. Well, technically, they asked me to. And, might I add, they are paying me handsomely. So, I’ve been here for a grand total of nine days, and it’s been pretty fun so far.

It’s a little far from where I normally live, which means that it’s far away from all the places I normally go. Gas has been kind of a pain. So, mostly I’ve been lazing around their house and hanging out with their dogs. So far, I’ve read four books, watched a handful movies, and a couple of seasons of TV shows I found on Netflix. I’ve also done a fair bit of writing and pre-writing. It’s been pretty easy. Until yesterday.

In the morning, one of the dogs decided to wake me up far earlier than is recommended to wake me up, and effectively broke my phone in the process. She knocked it off the nightstand, where I had it plugged in, and it smacked against the bed and dislodged the power button. So it won’t turn off now. It’s annoying, but whatever. I’m not overly-concerned.

Then, later that night, I came home  after seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness with my boyfriend and my family. My laptop was on the ground in the kitchen and there was a blob of unidentifiable fabric in the living room. The dogs had knocked my laptop off the kitchen table and snapped the casing off at one of the corners, so now it won’t shut properly. The mass of cloth turned out to be a pair of my panties. I kid you not. Upon further investigation of my things, the dogs had extricated all of my panties from my suitcase and destroyed each and every pair. Thankfully Victoria’s Secret was having a really good sale for Memorial Day. Anyway.


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