Farmer Saffyre…

I have a lot of interesting experiences whilst house sitting. If you want to read about two dogs who ate all my panties, check out this post here. This is another house sitting post, if you couldn’t already tell. Right now, I’m house sitting for a good friend of mine’s family. They live out in the middle of nowhere. I mean it when I say that. I got a pizza the other day from a combination pizza place, video store, and tanning salon. I wish I was making that up. So, the distant proximity from my own house has basically rendered me a hermit until they return from their trip. ‘

They have eight chickens, three cats, a dog, and a fish. I’m up with the chickens at 6:30 every morning, which is far earlier than this out-of-work college student is accustomed to rising. It’s been okay overall, since after all the chores are done, I get to sit around and do nothing. However, everything has been going wrong these past few days. A freak storm blew in while their four exotic chickens were roosting outside, which had me terrified they’d all get killed. The storm destroyed the bridge over the creek on their property and blew the roof off the goat shed they’re building. The next day, the fridge broke. And the day after that, one of their chickens disappeared. I’m holding out hope that it will return, but this doesn’t seem likely. To top it off, one of the other chickens starting acting weird tonight, and I think it might be getting sick. I give up.

Plus, I’ve run headlong into at least one spider web and seen at least two spiders every day since I got here. I am terrified of spiders beyond all reason. I will literally cry and freeze up if one gets on me. This issue with spiders has led to some rather unfortunate episodes during this past week. It’s not been fun. And, with the fridge being broken, I’ve been living off Subway and Ramen noodles. At least I’ve written a few drafts of a poem and outlined a couple more, in addition to reading two books and starting a third.

I’ll be home for six days before I have to go house sit again. Someone please kill me.




One thought on “Farmer Saffyre…

  1. This is what it’s like to be on a farm or ranch, it’s a quality of life and not a job. Each day brings up new challenges, as you learn to think on your feet. It also shows you a lot of who you are. And yes my dear, not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle. Your a good friend for doing this.
    I used to ranch sit for my family… 68 horses, 7 dogs, 4 cats, and with 8 houses. In the winter I had to plow the 2 1/2 mile driveway with a 1948 grader, which was more temperamental than any animal on the place. Now that I’m chasing my passions to greener pastures, I’m passing that adventurous torch on. Still house sitting, smaller places though.
    Thank you for this post and the reminder of those wild adventures.

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