Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle

Here’s a little timely Christmas cheer for all you readers out there!

Let it Snow follows three separate love stories, which eventually converge. Because the stories are still separate, I’m going to write a short summary of each of them.

  1. The Jubilee Express (Maureen Johnson): This story follows Jubilee as she heads to Florida for the holidays, due to her parents winding up in jail over a shopping riot. She’s especially upset because she had plans to spend the holidays with her boyfriend. Her train gets stuck in Gracetown because of a really bad snow storm, and she is unable to contact her boyfriend to let him know what’s going on. She, along with a guy named Jeb and gaggle of cheerleaders, head for the local Waffle House. Jubilee, frustrated with the whole situation, ends up leaving with a guy named Stuart, who lets her stay with his family and helps her realize some things about her “perfect” relationship.
  2. A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle (John Green): This story follows Tobin, JP, and the Duke as they hurry to make it from their James Bond movie marathon to a Waffle House full of stranded cheerleaders. While Tobin and JP are eager to go flirt with random cheerleaders, the Duke can only be coerced into going with the promise of hash browns. However, as their plans to make it to the Waffle House are foiled at every turn, Tobin begins to realize that the Duke might actually be a girl after all. Once at the Waffle House, a guy named Jeb gives Tobin a message. If they meet  a girl named Addie, tell her that he’s coming.
  3. The Patron Saint of Pigs (Lauren Myracle): This story follows Addie as she deals with the aftermath of cheating on her boyfriend and him subsequently standing her up when she tries to resolve the situation. after being informed that she is extremely self-centered, Addie volunteers to go pick up her friend’s Christmas present, a teacup pig. Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances at Starbucks, Addie may be too late to bring home the bacon.

First of all, I’m really sorry about that lame bacon joke. It needed to happen. But anyway, I really liked this book. I like how all of the stories came together in the end. That had to have taken a lot of work on the authors’ part. Of all the stories, The Jubilee Express was probably my favorite, mostly because I could really relate to the characters.

I would definitely recommend this as an excellent Christmas book and a really good romance story.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


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