30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Coincidentally enough, the topic I get to discuss on Christmas is a book that makes me happy. Most of the books I read are actually really sad, now that I think about it. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. A lot of stories have to have a certain level of sadness in order for the reader to feel connected. Happy stories aren’t nearly as interesting as sad stories. One of the books I thought of that makes me happy is Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren.


Waterfall is about two teenage girls, Gabi and Lia, that transported back to medieval Italy, where Florence and Siena are at war. It’s filled with romance, action, and the exotic locale of feudal Italy. The girls end up getting caught up in the war on their own quest to return home. Though Gabi falls in love with one of the knights, she eventually decides to return home with her sister, though her heart will remain in Italy.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How is this book any different than a guilty pleasure book? And to an extent, I suppose that’s true. However, I don’t really consider this to be a guilty pleasure book since the writing is actually really good. The characters are three-dimensional and the story feels much more substantial. I also liked how the girls were strong and independent, while still remaining feminine. So, in short, the story is fun fast-paced and the characters are compelling and likable. I really enjoyed reading it, and the sequels.


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