30 Day Challenge: Day 7

One week of posts! This has been really fun so far. What do you guys thinks? I hope you guys like it too. Anyway, today’s topic is a book that I think is underrated. This one was really easy for me to think of. There’s a series that I absolutely adore, and that I think is on par with legends like Tolkien and Lewis. However, I’ve only ever met one other person who’d read it. Most people that I talk to have never even heard of it. The series is called the Chronicles of Prydain and the first book in the series, the one I’ll be talking about, is called The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander. BookOfThree

The Book of Three is about a wanderlust boy named Taran who serves as Assistant Pig-Keeper to an old wizard and his magical pig, Hen Wen. When the pig escapes on his watch, he must find her before she falls into the hands of the Horned King, a dark and powerful warrior trying to seize power in the kingdom. Taran gets caught up in the adventure he’s always wanted in a fight to save Hen Wen. In his travels, he meets princes and princesses, dwarves, and other strange creatures. The book comes to a climax when both sides go to battle over Hen Wen.

I really don’t understand why these books don’t get more love. The second book in the series, The Black Cauldron, won a Newberry Honor and the last book, The High King, won a Newberry Medal. Disney also made a movie loosely based off the first two books. The stories of Prydain are inspired by Welsh mythology, as was much of Tolkien’s work. If you’ve never heard of these books before, I strongly encourage you to read them. And I’d love to hear from anyone else who likes this fantastic series!


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