30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Today’s topic is a book I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up loving. Any number of school books probably fall into this category. I can think of several books in high school that I thought I would hate. I’m actually going to be talking about a more recent book, however. This past semester, I had to read Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. download

I honestly thought I was going to hate this book. I read Galapagos over the summer, and that book was mind-numbingly boring. I was really apprehensive when I found out we were reading Slaughterhouse-Five for class. I was even more apprehensive when my teacher announced that it was one of her favorite books of all time. I happened to read most of it in the waiting room while my husband got his wisdom teeth removed. And…I was surprised.

It wasn’t boring. It was actually really interesting. It was funny, in a dark kind of way. It was sad. It had aliens and time travel. I kept turning pages. I was genuinely invested in the story. I had a hard time stopping at the end of the assigned reading. The book was so vastly different from what I was expecting, in the best way possible. I would definitely read it again


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