The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis

I found this book at Half Price books when I was working on completing my C.S. Lewis collection. It’s pretty short, so it didn’t take me long to read at all. You can check it out here.

Rating: [3/5]

Summary: This book discusses the need for universal virtues in a healthy moral society. He begins by claiming that many school books denounce traditional virtues, in favor of something else. He accuses the writers of pushing their own agendas on children. He concludes with the notion that mankind would essentially be helpless without these grounding principles.

Likes: I definitely agree with the message of the book, and it’s even more relevant now than when he wrote it. I also liked how he didn’t try to push one particular religion onto anyone; he was only concerned with defending values on the whole. I also like how the book started out with a discussion of how language is taught nowadays. It’s all through the education of language that these values become associated with ignorance or emotionalism.

Dislikes: The book felt a little disorganized to me, and got a little confusing at times.

TL;DR: I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in philosophy, theology, religion, and education. It’s also a really good, relevant book to read in today’s society.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


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