30 Day Challenge: Day 19

Today I get to talk about my favorite book that’s been turned into a movie. I’m assuming this means my favorite movie that’s been adapted from a book. Books getting turned into movies is always the scariest and most exciting thing to happen. It’s exciting because we all want to see a book we love onscreen. It’s scary because we know there’s going to be parts left out. No movie adaption is perfect, and some are downright awful. However, I think the best book to movie adaption that I’ve seen in a long time is Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. catching-fire-movie-poster

The filmmakers got the feel of the book exactly right. They captured the intense emotion and depicted the horrors of the Capitol and rising rebellion. Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Katniss perfectly. You can see the moment of transition on her face at the end of the movie when she goes from just being Katniss to being the Mockingjay. It’s beautiful.

The rest of the casting was superb, too. I especially loved Jena Malone (Johanna Mason) and Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair). I didn’t think I would like Sam Claflin, but I did. He was sassy and intense and–let’s face it–pretty cut. And who doesn’t love Stanley Tucci as Ceasar Flickerman? He did a brilliant job. The first movie did leave some to be desired, but I think Catching Fire did a much better job capturing the soul of the book. That’s why I picked this movie.


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