30 Day Challenge: Day 20

This post is easy. It’s supposed to be about a book that the movie completely desecrated. The obvious answer for this is Eragon by Christopher Paolini. That book is incredible and beautifully written. The movie, however, is basically a whole separate story entirely. Eragon_Poster_8

First of all, the casting was not that good. None of the characters looked at all like they were described in the book. Not to mention, they destroyed a lot of major plot points that became very important in the later books. For one thing, they killed the Ra’zac. They also completely left out Elva, Jeod, and Solembum, who became a pivotal characters. The journey to the Varden was also much, much shorter than in the book. Galbatorix wanted to kill Eragon and Sapahira, instead of wanting them to join him.

There are also a bunch of little things they messed up or left out that completely ruined the movie. They had Saphira start breathing fire much too early, as well as growing to her full size in midair all of the sudden. Arya, instead of being cold and distant, is warm and flirtatious. She also reveals that she is princess. Angela is made into much more of a minor character, even though she ended up being important to the story. Plus, Eragon broke into Brom’s house to find out more about dragons and Brom didn’t give him Zar’roc until shortly before his death.

I completely understand that they must cut out or change certain things in order to save time. However, they should not cut out or change anything that is vital to the story, or that will change the feel of the story. All of their changes made the plots of the next books impossible and changed the entire feel of the characters, the world, and the story.



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