30 Day Challenge: Day 22

Okay, so today’s post (yesterday’s post?) is late too. Sorry, you guys. It’s been a busy weekend full of college applications. Woo! Not really. College applications are pretty dreadful. Anyhow, today’s topic is a nice reprieve from all that. I get to talk about a book that made me fall in love with reading. I honestly don’t know where to even start on this one. I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember. In all honesty, I think The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin had a huge impact on me.1r,_Kristy's_Great_Idea

The books follow a club of preteen girls throughout their babysitting adventures. I wish it was more complicated than that, but it’s not. The books deal with hot topics such as getting to wear makeup for the first time, first kisses, fights with friends, and various other challenges of being a preteen girl. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty embarrassed by my childhood love for these books.

I read as many of them as I could get my hands on. I started reading them when I was seven, after my mom’s friend gave me a cartload of them. I continued to read them, finding them at libraries, thrift stores, garage sales, and online. As it turns out, many of these books were ghostwritten, which rocked my preteen world. Even though these books weren’t particularly difficult to read, I always seemed to have a lot of them around that I hadn’t read yet. So, whenever I didn’t have anything else to read, I would read one or two of these. They got me in the habit of reading often.



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