30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Today I get to talk about a book I wish more people would’ve read. This seems pretty similar to the day when I wrote about an underrated book. So, in accordance with my review earlier, I think I’m going to write about The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling. I wish that more people would’ve read this book all the way to the end. the casual vacancy by j.k. rowling

From what I hear, hardly anyone has actually finished this book. Many people have claimed that they hated all the characters or found the story too boring. While the plot isn’t riveting and the characters are all extremely flawed, I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit. It seemed real. Having grown up in a tiny community, I understand the spider web of connections between all of the characters. The writing is really strong and it deals with a lot of important themes and issues.

I think a lot of people gave up on it because they were expecting a new Harry Potter. Even if they won’t consciously admit to that, I think they wanted a similar, easier story to dive into. However, The Casual Vacancy is much different from Harry Potter. It’s much more grown-up and serious. I wish more people would have read it though, because I think it’s worth the read.


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