30 Day Challenge: Day 29

I’m supposed to write about a book that makes me cry. That’s basically impossible for me, since most of the books I read make me cry. So, instead of trying to narrow it down, I’ve decided to explain what in a book makes me cry.

There are typically three things in a book that reduce me to a teary mess:

  1. A Character or a Character’s Loved One Dying: This one is pretty obvious. Most people who cry while reading probably do so because of character death. However, at least for me, it’s usually the way the characters react to the death that really gets me going. For example, Rue’s death in The Hunger Games had me tearing up, but the way Katniss dealt with her death in the rest of the trilogy had me crying basically every time.
  2. Animals Dying: I don’t know if animals count as characters in books about humans (or aliens or what have you), and books about animals usually have the animals personified to the point where they feel like they’re human. What I’m talking about it like Marley and Me or like the dog in I Am Legend. If somebody’s pet dies, especially for an unnecessary reason, I will definitely be in tears.
  3. People Doing What Is Right No Matter What The Personal Cost: When people are getting tortured and slandered and psychologically tormented, when they’re hurt or have left behind a loved one, when they keep going…that’s what gets me. When people literally give up everything for the greater good, I can’t help but shed a tear.

This post probably made me sound like a crybaby. That’s because I am. I cry a lot, especially during books, movies, and TV shows. And you know what? I’m not ashamed of that, and all you other criers out there shouldn’t be ashamed of it either.


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