The Stranger by Albert Camus

This book is kick to the emotions; that much is certain. You can check it out here.

Rating: [3/5]

Summary: The Stranger begins with the death of Meursault’s mother. After he attends her funeral and later reconnects with an old crush, he gets involved in the business of Raymond, his neighbor. Raymond has Meursault do him some favors, which later come back to haunt him. Because of getting mixed up in Raymond’s affairs, Meursault gets caught up in a murder and ends up on trial for his life.

Likes: The Stranger is a really short book and I had no difficulty knocking it out in one day. That being said, it tackles a lot of difficult philosophical and existential questions. It’s a simple story laced with heavy, difficult themes and human dilemmas.

Dislikes: Though I very much like the way Camus presented his point of view in this book, I must say that I disagree with his conclusions.

TL;DR: I would recommend The Stranger to anyone who is interested in classic fiction or philosophy. Be prepared for the inevitable existential crisis.


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