Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I bought this book back when it first came out in October. I’d had it on my calendar for months. But, seeing as I was working, going to school, and a month away from getting married, I didn’t get the chance to read it for another couple of months. It is the last book in the series, and the movie for the first book is being released in March. If you want to check out Allegiant, you can do so here.

Rating: [3/5]

***Spoiler alert!***

Summary: After discovering the truth about the city in Edith Prior’s video, Evelyn and the factionless take over the city and abolish the factions. Four, Tris, and a group of other rebels known as the Allegiant flee the city to seek the truth about their way of life. They discover a whole new civilization beyond the fence. The people they meet are part of a government program to wipe out genetic deficiencies caused by previous generations. The city, as well as several others, are part of this experiment, and Tris, along with the other Divergent, are what they call “genetically pure.” Armed with this information, the group seeks to dissolve the boundaries between the genetically deficient and the genetically pure, as well as protect the people they love still inside the city.

Likes: As always, I love the characters. Four and Tris are such strong characters, and I’ve always loved them together. I especially love how their arcs develop in this story. We get to see a softer side of both of them. We also get to see a softer side of Peter and Caleb, oddly enough.

Dislikes: The plot seemed to be a little out of left field to me. It seems like the importance of everything that happened in the first two books was diminished with the knowledge that it was all just a government experiment.

TL;DR: This book is definitely worth reading, especially if you’ve read the rest of the series. And it will break your heart. I basically sobbed through the last fifty or so pages.


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