Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Okay, so I read this entire book in one day. It’s that good. My brother bought it for me for my 20th birthday, and it was an amazing present. I’ve been wanting to read this author’s work for a long time, and I think this was a great book to start out with. You can check it out here.

Rating: [4/5]

Summary: It’s Cath’s first year of college and she’s not happy about it. She wanted to room with her twin sister, Wren, but she wound up living with a surly girl named Reagan. Their room is frequented by Reagan’s sort of boyfriend, Levi, much to Cath’s dismay. Cath is excited to be taking Fiction-Writing, since she loves to write Simon Snow fanfiction. She’d rather write fanfiction than do essentially anything else. After all, Simon Snow helped her cope with her mother walking out and caring for her bipolar father. Throughout her first year of school, Cath finally discovers peace, love, and her own voice as a writer.

Likes: I loved the characters, especially Cath. I could really relate to her. This book really hooked me on an emotional level. I got really drawn in to the characters and the story. It was also really refreshing to have a protagonist suffering from chronic anxiety and coping with having a mentally ill parent. Also, the cover is amazing.

Dislikes: There wasn’t much of an overarching plot. The author tended to “forget” about characters she introduced until they could serve a purpose. There were also a couple of rape jokes, which I find pretty distasteful.

TL;DR: Overall, I loved this book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes YA fiction, especially nerds. As a nerd, this book spoke to me on a deep emotional level.


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