Wedding Bells (A Little Late…)

My bouquet. My grandmother’s brooch is pinned to it as my Something Old.

So, as I have mentioned before in previous posts, I got married back in November. I can say with all honesty that my husband is my best friend. In fact, we’ve been best friends essentially since the first day we met, back in August of 2012. Let me just say that it is basically the most fun thing in the world to be married to your best friend.

The cake.


We had a really small ceremony of around 30 people. We didn’t even have a wedding party. Our officiant was actually my old pastor from when I was growing up. He and his family moved to Africa when I was around 16 to become missionaries, and he just happened to be back in town fundraising when we were planning on getting married.

His ring.
My ring.

I wore my mom’s wedding dress and we got a little Italian place down the street to cater. Our cake was two tiers, red velvet and lemon. They’re my and his favorite flavors, respectively. The flowers were very important to me, since I used to be a florist. I got a bouquet of red gerberas, white roses, hypericum, and various sorts of greenery. And, since my name is Saffyre, both of our rings have sapphires in them. It’s cheesy, I know. And, believe it or not, that was my husband’s idea.


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