Power Play by Ridley Pearson


I read this book in two sittings over Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, it rained the entire weekend and my husband worked late because of inventory, so it wasn’t all that exciting. I did, however, go to the sale at Half Price Books. My haul will probably be the subject of a future post. I mean, who can resist 20% off?

Rating: [3/5]

Summary: On a regular morning in Disney World, the Kingdom Keepers get caught up in the Overtakers’ latest scheme: to break out Maleficent and Chernabog. The Overtakers are getting bolder; not only to they create DHIs for themselves, but they put spells on other kids–including some of the Keepers themselves. In order to stop the Overtakers, the Keepers must enlist the help of the other park characters.

Likes: The author’s writing style really seemed to mature in this book. The other books always felt a little juvenile to me, but this time, the characters felt like actual teenagers. I also like how he brought in the other Disney characters. I’ve been waiting for that to happen since the first book.

Dislikes: This book really didn’t seem to have much of a cohesive plot. I spent a lot of the story trying to figure out what was actually going on.

TL;DR: Read this book if you like Disney or if you like the rest of the series.


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