Shell Game by Ridley Pearson


I’m cooped up in the house on bed rest for the week, so a lot of reading should get done during this time. A lot. Since it’s the season of vacations and beaches and cruises, what better book to read than Shell Game? You can check it out here.

Rating: [3/5]

Summary: Shell Game kicks off with the Kingdom Keepers getting ready for the launch of the DHIs aboard the Disney cruise ships. To celebrate this inaugural journey, they will travel on a cruise from Florida to California. However, the Overtakers use this as an opportunity to take their cause to Disney Land. Not only do the Keepers have to locate and disable the Overtakers’ server aboard the ship, but manage to protect Disney World while they are away.

Likes: I enjoyed that they’re introducing more characters, instead of just focusing on the five Keepers and the two Fairlies. They Cast Members and Disney characters are becoming more involved as well, which makes for an interesting dynamic. The plot also seems like it’s starting to go somewhere.

Dislikes: The author is making Finn out to be a massive man-whore (pardon my French) by making him kiss three different girls in the same book. Most of the incidents kind of came out of nowhere, so it feels like the author is trying to create tension for the sake of tension.

TL;DR: Definitely read this book if you’ve read the rest of the series, or have a love of all things Disney.


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