2015 Reading Challenge


For this year, I’ve decided to participate in Popsugar’s Reading Challenge. It includes 52 books in all, which is way books than I’ve ever read in a single year. The challenge does not list specific books to read, but instead asks participants to find books that fit a particular genre or qualification. Some of the categories look pretty challenging, so I’ll have to get creative in finding new reading material!

I’ll be keeping track of how many books I’ve read and what category they fit under in a tab on my blog called “2015 Reading Challenge.” I know; it’s a very creative title. I’ll also be putting the challenge the book fulfills in each review.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this challenge. But I hope I can, as I’ve been wanting to break my old record of 49 books. Of course, that was back in my freshman year of high school and I lot more time on my hands back then. And hey, even if I can’t complete it–there’s always next year.

What reading challenges or goals do you have for the new year?


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