The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller


This was another one of the books on the list my professor sent me for next semester. I personally have trouble reading dramas because of the script format. It’s a little confusing for me. Because of that, I don’t read a lot of plays. In all honesty, I probably didn’t get everything I needed out of it on the first read through.

Rating: [3/5]

Reading Challenge: A play

Summary: Willy Loman is a traveling salesman living from paycheck to paycheck. He has two grown sons, and all he wants is for them to make something of themselves. Lately, Willy has been suffering from dementia-like symptoms: visions of the past and confusion about where and when he is. His wife, worried that he’s going to do harm to himself, encourages her sons to make him happy. If only Willy could work in the city, and if only the sons can go into business for themselves, then everything will be all right.

Likes: This play was vivid and emotional, and very relatable. It dealt with a lot of issues that families really have to deal with, like money problems, infidelity, and mental health. The characters felt like they could be real, and that’s really important to me in drama.

Dislikes: I got confused about who some of the side characters were and about the delineation between vision and reality. Of course, this is more of my own problem reading it than it is with the actual book.

TL;DR: This is a great play, and I definitely understand why it’s a piece of classic literature.


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