If I Stay by Gayle Forman


I watched the movie with my friend right before Thanksgiving break and ugly cried throughout most of it. So naturally I immediately bought the book. Surprisingly, I didn’t cry while I was reading it. Maybe that’s because I already knew what happened. I still teared up at certain parts though. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking story. But worth it.

Rating: [4/5]

Reading Challenge: A book based on a true story

Summary: Mia is cellist in a family of punks, and her boyfriend is rising to fame in his own band. Because of this, sometimes she doesn’t feel like she belongs. After she and her family are in a devastating car crash, Mia is in a coma and her parents are dead. She has a choice to make: either stay and be with her boyfriend and pursue her future in music, or go and be with the family that meant everything to her.

Likes: This book is so emotional and honest and real. I think it’s something everyone wonders about, since there’s still a lot we don’t know about comas. Also, all the references to music and musical metaphors really helped build the characters and make the story come to life.

Dislikes: The writing seemed a bit simple to me at times and certain things needed to be described in more detail than they were.

TL;DR: This a wonderful, emotional book and and it will make you sad, if not cry like a baby.


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