Deluge by Lisa T. Bergren


I’ve been following this series for a while now, ever since right after the third book came out. This is the fifth (kinda the sixth depending on which editions you have) and last book in the series, so it’s a little bittersweet. Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read this series yet!

Rating: [4/5]

Reading Challenge: A book with a one-word title

Summary: Not only do Gabi and Lia have to deal with the normal life at the castello (medieval marriage and pregnancy!) but now they have to deal with rumors swirling about family members who claim to be from another time. These alleged family members could mean trouble for the Betarrinis–maybe even getting them accused of witchcraft. And they’ve already got enough on their minds with the Black Plague on the horizon.

Likes: I really like how the author did such a good job with the characters and their relationships. Some very difficult things happen in this book, and I thought they were handled well even if they were heartbreaking. I also liked how the book was split into sections, so the plot was able to cover all that it needed to in one book without feeling too choppy.

Dislikes: The ending scene itself was incredibly disappointing and unsatisfying for me. The whole ending sequence was pretty emotional and profound, but the ending scene itself kind of felt like whiplash.

TL;DR: You definitely have to read this book if you liked the rest of the series. Grab the tissues, though. And if you like historical romance, I would definitely recommend this series to you.


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