Never Look Back by Sabine Bummel


I received a request from the author to review this book.

Goodreads | Amazon US

Rating: [1/5]

Summary: Jen Butler is an author of self-help books. She met the man of her dreams, Will, at one of her book signings and they began a yearlong relationship. However, Jen wakes up one day and discovers that every trace of Will has disappeared from her life. Thinking that she made the past year of her life up, she is determined to search for him and discover the truth. With the help of her ex-boyfriend, Cameron, she soon finds that Will may not have been who he said he was.

Likes: The book felt like I was reading a Michael Bay movie. Everything just seemed totally blown out of proportion and fantastical. It was full of expensive cars. exotic locales, fine foods, and a lot of sex. So, overall, I enjoyed the over-the-top Hollywood feel of the story.

Dislikes: There were a lot of misspelled words and grammatical errors. It was to the point that sometimes I could not tell what the author was even trying to say. The plot dragged at points and the characters all seemed exactly the same to me. But most of all, I feel the author asked the reader to take too much for granted and many times the situations were so implausible that it was too difficult to suspend my disbelief long enough to really get into the story.

TL;DR: I don’t think I would recommend this book to anyone, quite honestly. I just couldn’t take the story seriously.



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