Embassy by S. Alex Martin


First of all, let me just say that this book was exactly what I needed to read right now. In school, all I’m reading this semester is early modern drama, lengthy pieces of literary criticism, and dry textbooks about Ireland. It’s honestly exhausting. But Embassy was like a shot of espresso on a Monday morning.

Rating: [4/5]

Goodreads Summary:

Arman Lance was supposed to travel the galaxy with his father, not watch him die. He was supposed to experience the adventures from his father’s stories, not isolate himself from the world. He was going to join the Embassy Program, fly across the galaxy, and find Ladia Purnell, a girl from another planet whom he loved years before.

Clinging to his fading hopes and dreams, Arman joins the Embassy Program to fulfill that last promise. If he can reach Ladia, he’ll never have to worry, never have to feel alone. But it doesn’t take long for his plan to fall apart when he’s confronted by his fellow Embassy recruit, Glacia Haverns, the ever-smiling adrenaline junkie who decides it’s her job to show Arman there’s more to life than chasing a desperate obsession.

Likes: Normally, I have a hard time reading sci-fi books because plot and world-building are elevated at the expense of character development. This was not so in Embassy. The characters were interesting and well-developed. Arman, the narrator, has a rich inner world and he experiences quite a lot of personal growth throughout the novel, which is always something I like.

Also, this book is perfect for anyone who likes slow-burn romances. Seriously, each tantalizing moment in this relationship’s development was perfectly paced. I may have squealed aloud in public on more than one occasion. Like, I never thought cans crumpling would make me so emotional.

Finally, it’s clear that this book was extremely well-researched. I’m not a scientist, but I am interested in physics and space travel enough to know when something isn’t even remotely plausible. There were no moments where bad science pulled me out of the narrative, which is really impressive for a sci-fi book to be able to maintain that kind of suspension of disbelief so well.

Dislikes: I would have liked to see a little more of the universe and more of the different cultures within it. The world-building was good, but I wanted more of it. There are several unanswered questions I have that I’m hoping will be answered later in the series. Which is why I’m super excited to read the sequel, Resonance, which just came out last week.

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