Resonance by S. Alex Martin


I was so excited to receive an ARC of Resonance from the author. Seriously. This book has been my constant companion over the last several weeks and has been a much-needed reprieve from the mountains of school reading overtaking my desk.

Rating: [5/5]

Goodreads Summary:

Belvun is dying. Droughts, firestorms, and a swelling desert slowly consume the planet. Cities have crumbled. Forests have burned. Five years ago, recovery efforts to reverse the damage failed. They must not fail again.

General Orcher tasks Arman Lance with the development of the galaxy’s most comprehensive planetary database. Arman will travel to Orvad, Undil’s city by the ocean, and then to Daliona, where life thrives and new discoveries await.

On this new journey, Arman will challenge himself in ways he never imagined and make friends he never thought he’d have. And as he learns what it really means to devote his life to the Embassy, he will experience the strength, diversity, and resilience of humankind.

Likes: I really love the way Arman came into his own in this book. Though this transition started in Embassy, I feel he really began to explore and form his own identity in Resonance. His inner world is rich and complex and emotional and so, so, so relatable. Arman’s open struggles with fear, identity, jealousy, and purpose are such a part of the human experience that he really feels like a real person to me.

Basically, the characters and their development are my favorite part of Resonance. I love the relationship in this book. After the slow build in Embassy, the payoff in Resonance was so worth it. The wedding scene (not spoilers; I promise!) and the birthday celebration are particular favorite moments of mine. The new side characters on the team Arman hires are also quite delightful; Rand is my personal favorite of the bunch.

The world-building. Absolutely phenomenal. The reader really gets to see a much larger snapshot of this universe and all the planets, people, technology, and animals in it. The level of detail poured into Daliona made the story so rich. Plus, the recreational activities introduced in Resonance almost rival Hologis. Also! You can explore Daliona for yourself!

And, last but certainly not least, the ending. My word. I’m still reeling. Those last couple of chapters had me on the edge of my seat and I had to will myself to read slower so that I wouldn’t miss anything. I’ve read a lot of books with a lot of cliffhangers, but this was one of the most extreme cliffhangers I have ever encountered and it is so wonderful and frustrating all at once.

Dislikes: Honestly? I liked it all. The plot, characters, world-building, pacing…I have no complaints. Resonance was really a slam-dunk for me.

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